I am a web developer, specilising in back end development

Based in King's Lynn Norfolk. I work for a company called ToTheEnd full time. I also do lots of programming in my free time.

What do I know

I feel comfortable with HTML, CSS3, Native Javascript and jQuery and I prefer PHP5.6, although I have started using PHP7. I have a compitant knowledge of using Apache and nginx as a web server. I have also attended courses for AngularJS and have used Googles Material Design styles before. With Frameworks, I feel comfortable using Cakephp 2.x and native OOP for PHP and my ventures have lead me out to using Laravel for API creation more recently furthermore I am starting to use Phalcon for small applications.

What else

I've also worked with Java before including building server and client applications. I have also created applications using Visual Basic be it all quite a while ago. I also dabled with Unity 4 and C# but not extensively.